Mindset Reset

Signature Programme

My signature programme is designed for people who may feel lost, disempowered, unmotivated, overwhelmed or who are lacking in confidence and direction, but have a desire to make a positive change in Midlife.

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This can be to do with your personal relationships, working relationships, career path or your search to find a passion and purpose in life.
It may be that you crave to make a change, but just don’t know how to get started or are shit scared of taking that leap out of your comfort zone!

Midlife is a phase of life which has been well documented as a time for reassessment and change and with coaching you can explore how you can make that a positive, healthy and empowering change, helping you to optimise your outcomes.

Aims of the Programme are to help you:


Learn how to regulate your nervous system


Understand your responses to people and situations


Explore your core beliefs and strengths


Shift your mindset


Expand your outlook


Find your happy, whatever that may mean for you!

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving”

Albert Einstein

Sessions take place either remotely online or face to face if you are local to my coaching space.

The programme duration is 3 months and requires you to attend two sessions per month to ensure both a steady momentum and space to process the work that you will do with me.

Each session lasts an hour, but I advise allowing 5/10 minutes wiggle room each side of the session to allow time to settle in at the beginning and also to process at the end.

As your mind learns to think differently, you may feel tired or wired!

We all respond differently to self-development work.

It might feel uncomfortable and messy before you start to feel grounded and gain clarity, but if you commit and surrender to the process, and to your investment in yourself, you can begin to feel excited by changes in outlook and feelings of empowerment!

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You will more often than likely be given tasks to action in between sessions to support the work that we do together, but we will work together to make these fun and realistic for you to do. The aim of this is to help consolidate the new processes that your brain is learning.
I am your guide gently holding your hand on your journey so you also get access to me in between sessions if you are experiencing any sticking points, difficult discussions or light bulb moments and celebrations. You just need to email me and I will aim to respond within 24 hours within the working week.
Coaching is forward-thinking. Although it may require briefly touching on the past, its main focus is on how you are feeling now and how you want that to be different.

My Coaching style has derived from my many years as a creative coach and my extensive time as a holistic practitioner.

I have a varied tool kit from which I draw on depending on what it is that you want to work through. I will usually discuss with you in advance which modalities may help you to obtain the best outcome. Over the duration of the programme, we may mix and match or blend any of these as I will be using my holistic approach to tailor the program to best suit you.

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121 Coaching

A forward-thinking talking therapy focussing very much on what your situation is currently and how you want that to be different; working with methods of positive psychology to help facilitate positive change.

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If you feel incongruent because your heart tells you one thing, but your brain suggests you do another, or if you had a gut feeling and didn’t act upon it, this effective coaching model backed by the emerging field of neuroscience can help you realign, find your centre and gain clarity.

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Hypnosis is a voluntary process which requires you to be willing to listen, relax and focus on my voice, which will guide you into a relaxed state. Both Psychology and Neuroscience say that this relaxed state is a heightened focus of concentration which allows space for you to alter your perspective and outlook positively.

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Core Transformations

I will guide you through this gentle personal development process which is devised to help you discover what is at the very core of your belief system, and to help you understand what motivates your habits and behaviours.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

Dr Seuss

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As a Self Healing Mentor, I also share, when appropriate, my experiences and how I have navigated my midlife junctions and found my happy in the hope that they help to inspire you to also find your happy!
You will be making a commitment to yourself with this 3 month programme which is comprised of 2 sessions a month.
Investment price:

£490 if paid upfront plus a free mindset booster session worth £85 on completion of the programme


or you can pay x3 monthly instalments of £165 per month for three months


or you can pay as you go @ £85 per session

Additional mindset booster sessions are available after programme completion at £85 as and when you need them.

The mindset reset programme has transformed me from feeling like a rabbit in the headlights to feeling secure and calm within myself. I can’t thank you enough!



I’d be honoured to be your guide.

I am passionate about helping those who are at a junction in midlife.

You may be aware of a desire to make a brave, positive change, but are afraid of taking a leap out of your comfort zone.  Or you may not know how to make a start.

Let me help you take the next step.