mBIT – multiple Brain Integration Techniques

What is mBit?

It is a simple, yet profoundly effective model, backed by the emerging field of applied neuroscience that provides a road map to help you successfully navigate life’s challenges and create emotional resilience. It utilises the powerful and practical methodologies of Positive Psychology, NLP, Cognitive Linguistics and Behavioural Modelling.
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You may at some point have found that your heart tells you one thing, but that your brain tries to logic it into something more practical.

Or you may have had a gut feeling about something way before your head had time to act upon it. That’s because neuro scientific studies have proven that our hearts and guts house sensory neurons, motor neurons, ganglia and neurotransmitters. So the very thing that constitutes a brain, a network of neurons, can also be found in the heart and the gut.
Therefore, it can be said that we have three brains, or multiple brains.

Each neural network houses the following amounts of neurons:


Cephatic brain, (head) 50-100 billion neurons

Cardiac brain, (heart) 30-120 thousand neurons
Enteric brain, (gut) 200-500 million neurons.

We of course tend to lead with our head these days, but it has been said that our gut brain predates the CNS and some research has also shown that, despite our hearts having the least amount of neurons, they often communicate our feelings much faster than our head brains so it’s definitely worth considering the signals that you get from your heart and your gut; they are trying to communicate with you!

If your energy feels discombobulated or incongruent, it could be that one of your networks is overriding and is not aligned with the others.

I am a certified mBIT coach and work with clients to realign feelings and thoughts relating to all three of these networks to bring congruence.

This can help enormously to reinstate a calm and balanced energy. And, as you might be aware, when your energy is calm and balanced, you are more likely to be better at making clear and appropriate decisions.

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.
Neurons that are out of sync, unlink.”

Donald Hebb

What is mBIT useful for?

It’s great at helping with acute stress and anxiety and helps to regulate your nervous system. I may often run through the mBIT roadmap process before coaching on specific goal setting to help you to regulate and think more clearly. This therapy includes a specific regulating breathwork exercise which you will easily learn and can take away with you to practice as and when you choose.

I also offer a fusion therapy combining mBIT coaching with my 20+ years’ experience in holistic bodywork for a full body and mind integration experience, which is particularly useful if you disassociate from your body.

Benefits of mBIT coaching include:

Greater clarity & wisdom.

Creating a greater sense of self.


Calming internal conflict.


Increase emotional resilience.


A deeper understanding of what you really want.


Shifting undesirable habits.


Gaining confidence in your decision making.


Reduce stress and anxiety states.


Improved gut health.


Integrate what you think, feel and know in your decision making.

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I am a certified and registered mBIT coach with mBIT international.

For more information about mBIT, check out their website


I found the mBraining session so peaceful and really helpful in framing how I’m feeling, but also with moving through difficult feelings with a different perspective.

Thank you.



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