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I am passionate about helping to facilitate positive, healthy change for my clients, assisting them to move towards whatever happiness may mean for them.

How I Got Started


After training in art and design, I worked in the Advertising and Design industries for 16 years managing and coaching artists and creatives.

During this time, when my health took a serious nosedive, I became fascinated with holistic approaches to wellbeing in order to aid my recovery. I was in my late-twenties, completely burnt out, and my body was showing tell-tale signs that I needed to make some drastic changes

I explored acupuncture, herbal medicine, and homeopathy for some of the physical manifestations, but I became aware that I needed to talk through the root causes of what was stressing me and find a therapist to work it through with.

After researching various talking therapy approaches, I found a wonderful personal development coach who I still see to this day, 20 odd years on.

At a similar time to all of this, my mum suffered a terrible stroke and was left with lots of physical pain and challenges. This prompted me to train as an holistic bodyworker, so that I could try to help her and also gain a better insight into how stress affects our wellbeing.

“You are always and in all ways much more than you think.”

Personal Development Coach

I eventually left my managing directorship to set up my own business in wellbeing and for over 20 years I have practiced as a holistic body worker in conjunction with raising my family.

As my children grew and time allowed, I studied psychological approaches to coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Core Transformations and mBraining and now combine my experience of creative coaching and wellbeing practice to deliver my unique coaching style.

women holding dandilions
women holding dandilions

My Coaching Style

My style of coaching is relaxed and informal and I feel that it’s important to make my clients feel comfortable so that they can enjoy the coaching process. There’s room for fun and humour when appropriate, but I take their desired outcomes and their self development process seriously, guiding them towards positive change using a direct but gentle style.
I have a varied toolbox of coaching skills, some of which are used to help induce a calm state, because positive change is more likely to come about when you are in a calm state.

I am passionate about helping to facilitate positive, healthy change for my clients, assisting them to move towards whatever happiness may mean for them.


I have seen a few different kinds of therapists over a span of about 15 years to help me with some tough stuff from my childhood.

They have all had a positive impact on my personal development journey.  However, for me, there was only so much I could keep going over the past. Whilst it was good in a way to gain some understanding of it, I had reached a point where I wanted to make forward progress, and not keep going back over it all.

If you feel like this I cannot recommend coaching with Paula highly enough.  She is a gentle, kind soul and a gorgeous mix of supportive, calming, nurturing and fun to work with.

I had read in her social media feed that the way that she works doesn’t require going into detail about the past, but focuses on how you’re feeling now and how you want that to be different, which totally appealed to me.

She has given me an opportunity to see a new outlook, whilst also acknowledging and respecting the work I had already done. I feel liberated!

She is a total breath of fresh air!



I’d be honoured to be your guide.

I am passionate about helping those who are at a junction in midlife.

You may be aware of a desire to make a brave, positive change, but are afraid of taking a leap out of your comfort zone.  Or you may not know how to make a start.

Let me help you take the next step.