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What is Coaching?

Coaching provides guidance to help you discover and achieve your aspirations, goals and your full potential. That can be working towards achieving both tangible and practical outcomes or more of a way of feeling and being. Quite often these can be intertwined.
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Why Coaching?

Coaching is perfect for you if you don’t want to go over the past, but very much want to make a positive change to your outlook.

It uses forward thinking approaches and considers how you are feeling now and how you would like that to feel different.

My Training

I am certified in psychological approaches to coaching which uses aspects of positive psychology, psychometric analysis, and neuroscience-based methods which I may use to help you navigate life’s challenges, gain emotional resilience and achieve your goals and desires.

My coaching style has been described as gentle, but super powerful and I see myself very much as your guide, with you firmly in the driving seat.


As a Self-Healing Mentor, I may well share my knowledge, skills and/or experience, when appropriate and if I think it could to help you to develop and grow further.

I attend regular supervision and I am a registered and insured member of the Association for Coaches.


My added NLP practitioner training allows me to detect both thought and language patterns that might be holding you back from achieving your goals and aspirations.

What we think of ourselves and tell ourselves can have a huge impact on our belief system and the actions we take, or don’t take in life consequently.

I am trained to work with specific NLP exercises, but even if we decide not to use these in a coaching session, you can feel assured that I have experience in detecting negative thought and language patterns and my role as your coach will be to encourage you to gently challenge them and think of more positive and healthy alternatives.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer

What is NLP?

A literal translation of the phrase ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ is that NLP empowers, enables and teaches us to better understand the way our brain (neuro) processes the words we use (linguistic) and how that can impact on our past, present and future (programming). It gives us strategies for observing human behaviour and learning from the best (and worst) of that!
Simply put, change is possible – all you need is a desire to change and a willingness to learn new ways of being…with yourself, your thoughts and with others.
NLP has been defined as the “users manual for your mind” because studying NLP gives us insights into how our thinking patterns can affect every aspect of our lives.

Benefits of working with a personal development coach and NLP practitioner:


Change unwanted limiting beliefs, behaviours or habits

Gain a big picture understanding of what drives you and others around you
Create emotional resilience – learning to ride life’s storms with grace and calm
Gain confidence and feel empowered to move forward towards your goals and desires
Find your centre and live from a place of integrity and authenticity

To find out more, please go to anlp.org/knowledge-base/definition-of-nlp

I am a registered and insured member of the ANLP.


Just touching base to say that things still continue to feel really good almost 8 months on from my reset coaching with you.

You have helped me to decipher the mess and find a direction within my role at work and I have also noticed that my newfound confidence spills over into life outside of work.

Forever grateful for you!



I’d be honoured to be your guide.

I am passionate about helping those who are at a junction in midlife.

You may be aware of a desire to make a brave, positive change, but are afraid of taking a leap out of your comfort zone.  Or you may not know how to make a start.

Let me help you take the next step.